patty-close-up-150x150Patricia Lorenzen



Patty is a former member of St. Peter and Paul’s Parish.  She has been with the kitchen for over 17 years.  She grew up attending Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in the Thurston Rd/Brooks Ave area and feels she has “come home” through her work at the kitchen.  She says “Every day is a new adventure as we never know from minute to minute what we will be called to stock, store, prepare and serve.  It is a joy to see how God’s work is so tangible in our daily ministry, whether in the spirit of our volunteers or in our ability to help so many neighbors through the generosity of our benefactors.”

Cleveland Moore


Cleveland has been working with us since 2010 working to keep our facilities clean and running smoothly.  Cleveland is married for 25 years to his wife with whom he shares in caring for many grandchildren.


Ed-Pic-150x150Edward Cramp


Ed is a recent addition to our staff joining us in 2015. He migrated from near Redding, PA in 2007 for a Masters’ program in physics at the University of Rochester.  He is a cycling enthusiast– rain, snow, and cold do not keep him from riding his bike to work.  Ed is an active volunteer with “RCommunity Bikes,” and is actively involved in the bike scene in Rochester.

Gerard-Lupien-Photo at St Peters Kitchen in Rochester NYJerry Lupien

Development Coordinator / Book Keeper



Gabe-Rivera_web St Peters Kitchen Rochester NYGabe Rivera

Kitchen Manager