A Quiet Guest

One of our guests was badly beaten this week. It was hard to look at “John’s” face as he was hit around his eyes and forehead. His eyes and under his eyes were completely hemorrhaged and the pupils of his eyes were so bright blue. It was a difficult contrast to see. He has been coming to the kitchen for the last 3 years and lives close by. With some social disorder issues he doesn’t leave his room very often. He comes at the end of our serving hour, when most of our community is gone and we pack him a plate to take home. Being a nice guy, he often lets “friends” stay with him who are in need.

He doesn’t remember what happened. He was the second victim from our guests this week. Of course they stole all of his cash, id’s and anything of value. Even his hygiene products such as shampoo, soap, etc. were taken.

We were able to send him home with a hot meal, restocked shampoo, soap, etc. and talked with him as he was so embarrassed by the way he looked. Not much, really, but it meant alot to him. We encouraged him to see a Doctor, but like most of our guests they opt to wait and see if it’s really necessary.  

Thank you for your donations that allow us to serve those like “John”. We are so aware of how you are a part of this ministry in your prayers, donations of time, money and needed items. We are grateful to be the “front line” of God’s generosity through you. Please keep “John” in your prayers for continued healing.