Bureau Cat’s Fundraiser, The Cat’s Meow!

The Bureau Cat’s Jazz Ensemble gathered together a host of friends, family and patrons at PI’s Lounge on West Ave. Thursday April 24, 2014 and provided an evening of free music to benefit St. Peter’s Kitchen.

What a wonderful success! Admission was a paper product item: toilet tissue, paper towels, kleenex, napkins, etc. Not only did they raise a car load of paper products but many gave a financial donation too.

We wish to thank:
John DeMott, base player for the group, for coordinating this event.
Thanks to the Bureau Cat’s for their time, talent and willingness to help us out.
Thanks to PI’s Lounge for allowing the group to hold the fundraiser there.
A special thanks to JoAnn DeMott who is on our Board of Directors, for being our representative and manning the donations table.

It was wonderful to have an inspired supporter, plan, execute and complete an event such as this. It was a great help and beautiful gift.

We are truly touched by your successful night.

Thanks Bureau Cat's
Thanks Bureau Cat’s
John and JoAnn DeMott
John and JoAnn DeMott

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