In Memory of: John Seebach.

John Seebach
John Seebach

It is with great sadness that we relay the news that our Advisory Board Member and dear friend, John Seebach passed away on January 22, 2011 at the age of 65. What a sad way to start the new year.

John became a volunteer right after he retired 4 years ago. He started out on Wednesdays and Thursdays as our “juice man” and over the next year became adept in the kitchen. His light spirit and warm smile became a staple for those two days as all who were around him were impressed by his genuine good nature. At some prodding he became a member of our Board of Directors two years ago. Last September he agreed to become an officer taking on the job of Vice President/Secretary.

John worked for the Department of Social Services in Child Protection for most of his career. He was a true advocate for the less fortunate, which he continued here as he volunteered at the kitchen.

Shortly after Christmas 2010, John was diagnosed with cancer. By the time they completed the tests, it was found throughout his entire body and he was actually in hospice the week before he passed.

He leaves his wife Mary, daughter Kate (Eric) , son Eric (Kara),  and many family members and friends.

We cannot tell you what a huge hole his absense has left in the kitchen and in our hearts. We pray for John, for his family, and for the kitchen as we struggle to transform into a new state of being without him. Our most gracious thanks to John for all he did to support this ministry and to his beautiful family who were truly inspiring to watch as they walked this very difficult road.

God Bless you John, Peace, Pray for us as we will for you.