The work we do would not be possible without the support from our donors and volunteers. If you would be interesting in sponsoring the kitchen or any of our programs, please contact us.

We are always looking for sponsorship in these areas:

The Community Garden

Sponsors could help work the garden or provide donations to the garden including perennial berry plants, seeds, gardening tools, rain buckets, and mulch. Monetary donations to purchase some of these items are also accepted.  

The Kitchen

Sponsors of the Kitchen and our meal program would mean providing money to purchase food items such as more  fresh fruits and vegetables, or anything else that the kitchen may need to better serve the community including a dishwasher.

Support Groups and Other Mentoring Programs

We are looking to start mentoring programs and support groups after hours at the kitchen. Sponsoring these group would be providing funds, volunteers, or donating resources such as time and skills to work with our guests in these mentoring programs and support groups.


If you would be interested in sponsoring an event, this would mean helping provide resources and funds needed to put on fundraising events for the kitchen.

Home Improvements

Sponsoring home improvements to our organization would be providing funds or items necessary to keep our facilities nice. It would be contributing things like a P.A. system or the funds needed to fix things.