A hug for Sr. St. Luke
A Hug for Sr. St. Luke
Snuggies For Everyone!
Snuggies For Everyone!

Snuggies Make Me Smile
Snuggies Make Me Smile


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air!

We had a fun time this Valentine’s Day giving each patron a nice warm Snuggie blanket and book light. Hand made Valentine’s Day cards came from school children and what a delightful gift the two items made. With our cold weather so extreme this year, our guests were excited to have them to take home.

Foodlink, had a promotion for the Snuggies and we were able to take advantage of this very special offer.

Thank-you to Sr. St. Luke from our Board of Directors who came and helped me make sure they were dispersed fairly, with as much warmth from our hearts as from the promised warmth of the blankets. 

As we keep lists of who receives our special items, we are able to keep giving them out all this week. So, as many folks as possible have the chance to  “feel the comfort” from St. Peter’s Kitchen.

Next event: on to St. Patrick’s Day!!