“One of our greatest blessings is having over 150 volunteers, from all walks of life, donate their time and talent to St. Peter’s Kitchen.”


From Church Groups who come once a month, to individuals who come once a week, we always seem to meet the demands of our day with the workforce we have.

We have a volunteer program Monday-Friday from 9am-1:30pm.

The jobs involve making salads, pouring beverages, salvaging produce for freezing, salvaging fruit for fruit cups, slicing desserts, general cleaning, serving the community, greeting the community, dish and tray washing, restocking the supply room, and picking up deliveries.

A Message To Our Holiday Volunteers

To Our Wonderful Volunteers:

Due to the virus escalating, St. Peter’s has decided we will need to continue our “take out” format for our Holiday Dinners and therefore will not be accepting Holiday Volunteers. We are so sorry that it is this way, but in our efforts to keep our staff and community safe we feel this is the most appropriate, at this time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who would have liked to help us, our annual crew and those who would have been new helpers, and we wish you a Wonderful Holiday Season. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!


Group events need to be scheduled ahead of time. Usually two months ahead of an actual request is required as we have a limited number of slots available.We can handle groups up to 10 which includes moderators or parents.The children’s protocol exists for groups.

Please call Patty for other suggestions if the group is younger than 12 year olds.



14-year-olds and older are allowed to handle knives and work on food prep.

If you’re 13 years old or younger, we will try to find non-food jobs for you to take part in.

We do not allow any child under the age of 10 to come, except for Holidays with their family. We understand many parents would like to give their children opportunity to serve, but we have found that younger children do not have the attention span needed to enjoy the day.

If you have a younger child that would like to do something to help us, they can make decorative placemats or candy bags at home and then bring them to St. Peter’s Kitchen.This allows the child to do something creative and help in a different way. This activity would need to be scheduled with us.

What to Wear:

Like our regular volunteers, we ask that all groups be aware of the environment here and dress appropriately: No short-shorts, flip flops, low cut blouses, tight jeans, etc.

Please bring a hat. All must have hats to serve, bringing an apron is an option if you prefer.

If you need to change or cancel a date, that must be done 10 days prior to the scheduled date.

We have to cancel our regular volunteers for a group to come, so it is very important that once the group accepts the date, they are committed to fulfilling those hours. If there is any question concerning fulfilling the commitment we prefer you to wait until you can guarantee participation. We have had trouble in the past with groups canceling at the last minute and because we have to cancel our regular volunteers that day, have been left without adequate help.