Lunch Program

We serve lunch daily, Monday through Friday. The program runs from 12:00pm until 1:15pm.

We serve a well balanced and nutritional meal, including all the recommended food groups.

Our Meals Most Often Include

  • Protein rich main dish
  • Vegetable
  • Pasta, potato or rice
  • Fresh tossed salad
  • Fruit cup or whole piece of fruit
  • Dessert and beverage

During this time guests are welcome to take food off of the neighbors table, and each guest leaves with some sort of sweet treat that has been donated to us by various grocery stores throughout the Rochester area.

Other Services Available During Lunch Program

Guests are also welcome to use the phone and request copy or fax services, as well as inquire about other services and resources available to them throughout the Rochester area.

We have several other programs that run in correlation to our Lunch program including our Garden group that meets on Wednesdays, and our new summer programs including kids reading programs, Christian meditation, and adult literacy programs.